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Solar Design & Engineering Service

Barun Corp is a Nationwide Design & Engineering Company specialized in PV Solar Projects of any scale. We provide Full Permitset and Solar PE Stamp service to Solar Installers, Architects, Builders, and Developers. Our strength is in our fastest turnaround, reliable, and cost-effective solutions. Our in-depth experience and automation allow us to provide quick, easy, and cost-effective permit solutions to solar companies. We have been completing over 5,000 projects per month nationwide at a record-breaking rate.

Mission Statement

Word “Barun” means correct, straight, and upright in Korean. The company was founded based on these values to ensure that our work reflects the meaning of the company name. We strive to do the right thing so what we do is always correct and right. Deuteronomy 6:18

About Us

We are Nationwide, covering all 50 states including difficult AHJs. Our team of designers and engineers have rigorously streamlined the development process resulting in faster and cost-effective service delivered to our clients. Barun Corp provides a full permit package and Solar PE stamp solutions to simplify your permitting needs.